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The VIP Option!!

The VIP option is for you if you’re deadly serious about cutting all the crap and truly OWNING 2018.

You’re not playing any more. You want results. Fast.

You’re sick of trying to figure it all out on your own. You’re tired of investing small and getting small results.

You have big balls, big bucks, and you want a bloody good bang as a result!

Here is your big bang for 2018!

The VIP option gives you full and immediate access to the Money Mindset System so you can binge on all that goodness stat.

THEN… you book yourself four one hour coaching sessions with yours truly (usually £1111) to super charge and speed up your healing and cleansing from the past, remove everything that stands in your way, and I mean EVERYTHING, and get you flying towards financial freedom in under a month.

I mentioned I’m built for speed right? This is my super power. I get insanely fast results. I’m done fannying around and making this whole mindset thing a long drawn out issue. It doesn’t have to be painful. We can just rip off that plaster and create a whole new identity, belief system, and masterful manifestor energy in just four freakin’ sessions. No BS.

THEN… you walk into February with THE biggest smile on your face, a healthy bank account, a solid connection to your higher self and your spirit team, and a deep knowing and understanding that you have totally got this.

Rooted, stable, grounded, supported, connected, abundant, peaceful and really flippin’ smug!

Ready to go VIP? I only have four spots!! First come first served.

If this is for you then don’t delay, jump on it and let’s go!!

Love always, Harriette xxx